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The Bruery Seven Swans-a-Swimming

January 5, 2015

The New Year is upon us, and after neglecting my self-inflicted beer reviewing duties during the holidays, I’m back in full force to tell you about the beers you could have been drinking during the holiday season! The Bruery, if you are somehow unaware, is a wonderful California brewery that focuses on simple but delicious beers. Perhaps their philosophy is best summed up by their name, they strive to be a brewery with some interesting twists while never straying into the demand for absurdity that plagues other beer brewing circles.

The Seven Swans-a-Swimming is the 7th beer in their annual “12 Days of Christmas Series” and was made in an attempt to capture the Belgian Quadruple rather than add anything unique to it. This commitment is made clear instantly when you see the dark brown body with a brown head sitting on top of it, scents of dark fruit and sweet bready malt drifting into your nose. The brew itself is thick and syrupy, the full body making it something you really feel on a cold winter’s night.

Sweet Belgian yeast is of course one of the first things that hits you, rolling directly into some of the beers darker flavors to give a sweet browned sugar flavor. The malt hits you like a piece of sweet dark bread fresh from the oven that’s filled with warm roasted nuts and sweet sticky dark fruits. That fruitiness is what carries the beer home to a sweet sticky finish that makes you smack your lips waiting for more.

This is the second beer from the 12 Days of Christmas series, and I now really regret not hunting down a Six Geese-a-Laying last year. Anyway, this winter I’d definitely suggest getting your hands on a bottle, or six for aging purposes, and pretend its Christmas for one more night. Except a good one, where you had delicious beer and no extended family arguing in the background.

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