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Brooklyn Quadraceratops

December 17, 2014

I’ve mentioned on several different occasions that I love dinosaurs, and as should be obvious from the years worth of beer reviews I also love beer. So when breweries make beers whose names incorporate dinosaur themes, I’m practically obligated to buy them. Especially when said breweries are making that beer within a mile of my home.

The Quadraceratops pours a rich dark brown color with bright ruby hues and a fluffy brown head. The classic scent of Belgian yeast is present but subdued in comparison to an almost smoky malt scent and an amazing dose of brown sugar. With a thick body, the beer has a creamy smoothness to it that makes it perfect to drink on the colder evenings that are fast approaching.

The brown sugar rushes forward to dominate the opening of the Quadraceratops, making for a sweet but not overpowering flavor. While the beer has the trademark maltiness, it has a surprising biscuity flavor that you rarely get in quads but that I actually enjoyed quite a lot. Especially since the sweet yeast flavors were downplayed and the finish was a light touch of banana bread and warming booze. This beer is not the juggernaut its horned namesake implies, but a delightfully subtle variation on a style that can always use a little more love.

As always, Brooklyn specialty brews are worth seeking out, but I would definitely suggest you give the Quadraceratops a try.

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