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Stone Master of Disguise

December 15, 2014

I have complicated feelings about Stone Brewing. And I think my complicated feelings on them can be summed up in my reaction to this beer’s website (the fact that this beer has its own website). I wanted to know what the phrase Stochasticity Project meant when I drank this beer and I met with this overproduced website that while filled with interesting facts about the science of brewing, it feels… just a little awkward to me. However, I don’t really care about any of that in the end because what matters to me is how does the beer taste, and the Master of Disguise tastes pretty damn awesome.

The beer, as can be expected from its “golden stout” status, pours a clear golden color with reddish hues mixed in and a bright white head that’s quick to disappear. The nose is made up of very strong roasted coffee and dark chocolate scents that make you feel like you just woke up inside a diner right before all the truckers pull in for their morning cup.

Its body is surprisingly middle of the road, and its mouthfeel is almost thin and insanely smooth. The strongest flavor is that of dark roasted, almost burnt, coffee and it dominates the beer throughout most of the time you drink it. The finish is a nice bitter chocolate punch that keeps you going back for more of that rich coffee flavor up top.

Like many of Stone’s beers this is a great brew in general, but will be most enjoyed by very particular people (in this case fans of coffee and stouts). From the Master of Disguise I look forward to more Stochasticity Project brews and the way they’re bending flavor and style to make unique beers. I just probably won’t visit the website again.

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