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Two Roads Unorthodox

December 10, 2014

Two Roads, much like Finback, has been another relatively new brewery that I have been talking about a lot this year. It’s interesting to remember sometimes that all of the men behind the brewery are on their second careers and in my opinion doing very well in them. They haven’t made any beers that come to my mind as being ones I disliked or thought were bad, if anything they have demonstrated an ability to produce solid entries into a variety of styles. Which is why, as a fan of Russian Stouts, I was excited to taste their Unorthodox.

The beer pours a nice rich black with a head that was lighter brown than I’m used to from the eternal darkness of most Russians. The scent is sharp, with a distinct coffee edge from the roasted malt, with hints of nuts and rye riding on its coattails. The body was also lighter than I was expecting, though still well on the heavier side of a mid-body. It was smooth and easy to drink with a touch of creaminess.

Much like the nose, the roasted malt does the heavy lifting in the flavor department. Dark roasted coffee, almost espresso-level intensity, combines with bitter chocolate to create a pleasing flavor that the rye and hops bounce off of. The finish once again has that surprising nutty quality with hints of rye and hops underneath. Overall, it ends up being a Russian that is just different enough to be pleasing to fans of the style and people looking for something different without being absurd.

As always, I would highly suggest this Two Roads brew because it shows their ability to produce a fairly well known style with a touch that’s all their own.


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