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Finback Smoke Detector

December 8, 2014

Appropriately, this year has seen me drinking a lot of different Finback brews, almost all of which have been very enjoyable. It’s crazy to realize that Finback has only been distributing their beers around town for a year when you realize just how wide their selection is. However, that becomes more understandable when you remember they’ve been brewing since 2011 and only recently got the production capable of meeting the high demand for their delicious brews. Anyway, all of this went through my mind when I stared at a beer menu spotted their name and decided, ‘Well, that needs to be inside my mouth.’

The Smoke Detector pours a brownish-red color with a light brown head sitting on top of it. Appropriately, the nose is entirely composed of smoky malt scents that are a hint of what’s to come. The body is middling with a smooth milky mouthfeel that never quite achieves the fullness required to call it creamy.

Chocolate hits you first, offering a dark bittersweet flavor that rolls perfectly into a mild earthiness. There’s a strong caramel flavor that mellows and sweetens the brew, making it a delight to drink. Finally, that sweetness in the middle provides a perfect counterpoint to the smoky finish that rounds out the Smoke Detector. Overall, it’s a really wonderful smoked porter that I would highly suggest.

After almost a year of Finback beer being out in the wild, I can not recommend this brewery enough to other people.


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