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Two Roads Roadsmary’s Baby

November 3, 2014

Halloween is over and it seems as if Autumn has finally settled over New York City, with chilly winds blowing down the streets as the leaves turn from faded green to a crisp gold and brown. As such, we have a lot more pumpkin left to work through and so I now turn my attention to Connecticut brewery Two Roads who I’ve talked about before. Appropriately, I had the Roadsmary’s Baby beer the night before Halloween at a ‘Devil’s Night’ themed event.

The beer itself poured a dark amber color with a thin white head rimming the edge of the glass. Strong scents of pumpkin spice tickled my nose, but there was a hint of what made this beer something I wanted to try: rum. Beyond the intriguing scent, I was a little disappointed by the middling body and watery mouthfeel but it wasn’t necessarily off putting.

The pumpkin flavor is the first thing that hits your tongue as you drink the Roadsmary’s Baby, and it’s always nice to get that real pumpkin taste no matter how brief. The pumpkin flavor was wrapped up in the standard array of spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, clove) that fill every drink at this time of year. It feels very standard until you get to the end when the complex flavor of the rum barrels the beer was aged in comes out, providing a rich interesting and decidedly dark rum finish. It’s pleasant, surprising, and the true saving grace of the beer.

Sadly though, I would only suggest the Roadsmary’s Baby for the novelty of the rum barrel aging. It’s something different but it doesn’t seem to fully commit to its own interesting flavors in any way. Ultimately, it’s worth a taste and your mileage may vary but I was more than satisfied with my glass of it.


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