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Heavy Seas Greater Pumpkin

October 15, 2014

As we are finally able to embrace autumn, it’s time to start talking about the truly best pumpkin product of the season. No not pie or spiced lattes, I am talking about pumpkin beer. Those beautiful things that can be pie slices in a glass or strong autumnal celebrations of squash. Heavy Seas, ever after my own heart with their pirate theme and heavier beers, has combined the traditional pie-in-a-glass style with a nice bit of bourbon barrel aging because really isn’t that we all do at Thanksgiving anyway?

The beer a dark, almost opaque, amber with a cream colored head sitting on top of it like whipped cream. The nose is largely composed of nutmeg and cinnamon, but there’s just a hint of bourbon laced oak to get you excited. It’s body is surprisingly still middle of the road but it makes up for it with its milky almost creamy mouthfeel.

Rich and real pumpkin flavor forms the core of this beer, which is always welcome in my book. Of course, then come the spices and sweetness we’ve all come to know and love. Nutmeg is once again the most prominent with a little cinnamon and a sharp clove bite to keep it interesting. However, what really makes the beer is the warming vanilla and oak finish that leaves you floating on a booze soaked cloud.

Heavy Seas has officially stepped up pumpkin beer game and made me outrageously excited for the coming weeks. Let the battle for the crown of dried leaves and cinnamon sticks that belongs to the King of Fall Beer begin.


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