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Founders Dark Penance

October 13, 2014

What I think I love most about Founders Brewing is they’re a wonderful reminder of why, in any creative pursuit, you should do what you love and go big with it. Initially, Founders tried to make beers with a wider appeal and it almost drove them into bankruptcy. However, things began to turn around when they took a chance and made a big over-the-top beer for beer lovers. The Dark Penance is a great example of this love for bigger beers that has been their hallmark for years.

This black IPA is black in color with red-brown hues around the edges and a brown head that’s pretty quick to dissipate sitting on top. The scent is a single note of strong piney hops, telling you exactly what you’re in for with the rest of the brew. It has a nice full body with a thick, almost sticky mouthfeel.

The hop flavor is very strong, as can be expected from the nose, though it is a surprisingly complex combination of hop flavors; pine and grass are the main set but bursts of dark bitter citrus pop up throughout the brew. Hints of dark chocolate and bitter coffee help to make an already sharp beer even darker and more bitter before the hops bubble back up for a piney bitter citrus finish.

This is a brew explicitly for people that dream of chocolate covered hops and like any good Founders brew, it makes no apologies for itself.


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