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Two Roads Ol’ Factory Pils

October 8, 2014

Two Roads is a brewery hailing from Stamford, Connecticut founded by men who all believe in the road less traveled. Before they got started their brewery, all of them had well established careers in other industries (mostly engineering and off-shore drilling) and are now following the road less traveled. The Ol’ Factory is one of their flagship brews, both a pun on its strong scent and the fact that their brewery is in a refurbished century-old factory.

The beer is a bright clear gold color with a traditional foamy white head. As can be expected by a beer playing on the word olfactory, it has a strong rich scent of bready malt along with a helping of ctirusy hops. Like any good Pils, it has a nice light body with a clean crisp mouthfeel that is downright refreshing.

As can be expected from the nose, the malt is nice, strong and traditional. A solid combination of bready and biscuity flavors that’s sweet enough to be pleasant but not particularly sugary or sickly. Think of a warm biscuit covered in honey, which there are very light hints of. A little burst of lemony hops comes up right before a nice grassy hop bite on the end that rounds out the beer quite nicely.

I’ve enjoyed Two Roads beers in the past and now having had one of their flagship beers, I can say with confidence that this is a brewery worth checking out.


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