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Blue Mountain Kolsch

September 24, 2014

Blue Mountain Brewery hails from Virginia, and from their name you can probably guess that they’re nestled up in the Blue Ridge Mountains. What you might not realize is that they have their own farm up in those hills where they grow hops and regularly work toward making beer in a sustainable and “green” fashion. They have a three hundred foot deep well pulling fresh mountain spring water for use in their beer, and they treat their runoff themselves before letting it back into the natural system. They’ve been open for seven years now, and their founders all have backgrounds that play into the formation of a great brewery.

Their Kolsch is a clear golden color and has a bright white head. Of course, sweet biscuity malt forms a core of the scent but I was surprised by how forceful the hop presence was, however the citrusy scent wasn’t off putting merely shocking. As can be expected from a kolsch, the body was very light and it had a smooth clean mouthfeel that made the beer very easy to quaff down.

The beer has a shockingly sweet profile. Bursts of fruit, and the citrus-y hops give it a bright, almost tart sensation while honey comes into the mix giving the brew a truly sweet edge. However, the biscuity malt helps to even out the sweetness, and there is still that characteristic hoppy bite on the finish that keeps the brew refreshing. Overall, it’s an interesting combination and just different enough to make the beer stand out amongst other kolsches.

I definitely have had more than one of these since it was put up at my local bar, and I would suggest to anyone looking for a light bodied delicious beer. Based on this brew, I hope to see more Blue Mountain around here soon.


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