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Galaxy St. Stusan

September 17, 2014

Galaxy Brewing hails from Binghamton, New York which if you live in New York State is probably a town you know about because half the people you went to high school with seemed to have ended up at Binghamton University. However, Galaxy Brewing is the brainchild of a local father-and-son brewing team who not only focus on making great beer but also great food at their brewpub. They focus on using as many local ingredients as possible while producing quality beers that they make use of on their restaurant’s menu. In other words, they’re up to some really cool stuff and recently I got to try their St. Stusan, a Belgian inspired ale.

The beer pours a beautiful hazy amber color with a nice white head. The scent is a classic combination of banana bread and sweet Belgian yeast. The brew’s middle of the road body pairs well with its rich creamy mouthfeel.

The St. Stusan is sweet but it’s not that overpowering sickly sweetness that you can get with some Belgian ales. That distinctive yeast taste is still present, as is a bit of sweet sticky fruit that can also become too strong but the beer is expertly balanced. Once again, that iconic banana bread flavor pops up giving the beer’s spices a strong base to work with. When you get to the end you’re met by a strong clove bite that leaves you pleasantly refreshed.

From start to finish the St. Stusan is a wonderful and very yummy beer. The guys at Galaxy Brewing were able to make a beer that feels very traditional but still retains its own character, and that speaks way more about what they’re capable of than if they had just churned out a run-of-the-mill Belgian or made something absurdly whacky. I really look forward to seeing more of their beer down the road and I hope I get to pay them a visit someday soon.

Updated 10/4/2014: Apparently I mistakenly believed this beer was called the St. Susan, it’s actual name is St. Stusan.


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