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Baxter’s Daughters of Poseidon

September 8, 2014

Those of you who follow me on Twitter probably noticed I was tweeting about hotels this weekend because I was out of town in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It’s always fun to visit other states because you get to try beers that aren’t distributed to your area, and while my first day bore little fruit, my second brought me in contact with Baxter Brewing. Baxter Brewing is a Maine brewery that is the first brewery to can their entire line not only for environmental reasons but their love of taking beers into the great outdoors. Also, their mascot is a God of Thunder and Cold Weather who takes the form of a flying moose. No, really.

The Daughters of Poseidon, their Black IPA, poured a dark black color with reddish-brown hues around the edges with little to no head on the draft pour I received. The scent is light and a combination of hops and dark chocolate. Its middling body and smooth, clean mouthfeel makes the brew extremely easy to drink, especially with food.

Roasted dark coffee flavor rolls directly into bittersweet dark chocolate to produce a characteristic and delicious roast malt flavor. This flows into a harsh hop bite that lingers at the back of the throat for a few moments. The hop flavors are bitter and earthy, providing a complement to the sweet and dark flavors of the malt rather than the occasional stark contrast you’ll find in other Black IPAs.

The Daughters of Poseidon is a great beer that you could easily drink anywhere, and definitely goes great with food (I had it with a fantastic pork loin dish). I’ll be very excited to see Baxter’s down here in New York, though who knows when that will happen. For the time being they’re restricted to Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.


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