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Port City Derecho

August 25, 2014

It’s funny how even though I really hated the eight or nine months I spent living in Alexandria, I always get excited whenever I see a Port City beer on tap somewhere. They opened a scant few weeks after I left the city, so it’s not as if I have fond memories of their taproom or their early days. I suppose it is just nice some times to have a beer from Alexandria and reflect on the few things I did like about living there.

What I find interesting about the Derecho is that it started as a standard lager. However, because of a Derecho windstorm knocking out their power, the temperature ended up rising in the fementation tank and they ended up with a stronger hoppier brew. As can be expected from that pedigree, the beer pours a hazy golden color with a white head and is possessed of a spicy citrus hop scent. The body is firmly in the middle ground with a smooth, almost milky mouthfeel.

First, the beer hits you with a bit of its lager roots with a sweet biscuity malt and a little toffee flavor. Next you can catch hints of a bright lemon taste right before a zesty citrusy finish rounds the corner and slams into you at full bore. You’re left with a spicy and bitter hop taste lingering in your mouth.

The Derecho is definitely one of those beers you can go to time after time for a solid refreshing pint.


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