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Firestone Walker Velvet Merkin

August 20, 2014

As I’ve already mentioned earlier this week, and many times before that, I love a well made beer with a silly name. So, when I saw that my local watering hole had put the Velvet Merkin on tap I knew I had to get down and give it a taste. Whenever I talk about Firestone Walker, I’m always shocked by the fact that I don’t talk about them more often (I was pretty surprised I hadn’t already reviewed this beer) since they’re an older brewery from California that puts out fantastic beer.

The Velvet Merkin, with its dark black color and thin creamy head, is truly a great example of their ability to put out a great product. Its scent is strong and as complex as its flavor, with hints of vanilla, raisins, sweet booze, and roasted malt all blending together to make something that you want to coat yourself in instead of perfume or cologne. The brew is possessed of a strong full body with a creamy mouthfeel that coats your mouth as you drink.

Rich chocolate is the first thing to wash over your tongue followed by the wonderful additions of barrel-aging; oak, vanilla, and booze. This combines with a creamy oatmeal flavor, reminiscent of a oatmeal raisin cookie (helped by the light touches of dark fruit). The finish is a warm boozy milk chocolate flavor that lingers behind after you’re done with the brew.

This is probably one of the better Firestone Walker beers out there, and it definitely hits all of my favorite notes for a beer. If you can get a glass of it, give it a try, though any Firestone Walker beer is probably worth your time.


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