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Speakeasy The Informant

August 11, 2014

Whenever I think about Speakeasy Brewery, I’m always reminded of the fact that I have a neon Speakeasy sign in my apartment. I’ve never been to their brewery in the heart of San Francisco and I don’t drink their beer very often, but yet, there the sign is. It’s also strange because they are a great brewery, paying homage to America’s pre-prohibition history while still maintaining a modern sense of experimentation.

The Informant is a saison that pours a clear gold color with a thin white head sitting on top. Strong clove and pepper scents mix with a hint of citrus to create something distinct from your average saison nose. The beer has a characteristic light body and a clean, refreshing mouthfeel that makes it easy to drink.

As can be expected from the nose, the first flavors are a bold combination of clove and pepper that tickle the tongue. This then rolls directly into a sweet and mild yeast flavor that pairs exceedingly well with tart citrus notes. When the Informant comes to its surprisingly crisp finish, we’re given just a hint of peach to round everything out.

Overall, I’d definitely suggest the Informant if you’re looking for something that’s just a little different from a standard saison.


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