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Bell’s Deb’s Red

July 23, 2014

This summer has thankfully been pretty mild (though today certainly isn’t), and it has been all the more enjoyable thanks to the fact that Bell’s Brewery is now in New York City. However, another real benefit of a mild summer is that I’ve been able to branch beyond light lagers and wheat beers into the plethora of reds that have been hanging around from the spring or get brewed year round. A few weeks ago, when I popped into my local watering hole on an off day, the bartender suggested the Deb’s Red (knowing my fondness for Bell’s) and I was definitely pleased with her suggestion.

The Deb’s Red pours a clear dark amber color and has a white head sitting on top of it. Piney hops are the first big scent to hit you but then it’s joined by biscuity malt and a light hint of toffee. It has a nice middling body, and a smooth mouthfeel, which is perfect for a well balanced red.

The biscuity malt forms the core of flavor for the beer, making it largely pleasant and inoffensive to drink. A touch of toffee adds a little sugary sweetness that, as always, pairs well with biscuity malt. Finally, the beer comes to a close on a bright hoppy finish, with a combination of grassy and piney hops. From start to finish this is a well balanced drinkable red that doesn’t offer any big twists or surprises.

Like most Bell’s beers, the Deb’s Red is something both hardcore beer fans and casual drinkers can enjoy.


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