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Other Half Wheat Wine

July 21, 2014

Despite my extreme dislike for the Lembeer 86, it’s hard to deny that it was a beer that did exactly what it set out to do and for that Other Half still piques my interest every time I see it. They’re a brewery that is all about their beer, and therefore when I saw a wheat wine from them on tap, I couldn’t wait to try it.

The Wheat Wine pours a hazy dark orange, almost amber, color with a bright white head sitting on top of it. The scent is earthy and damp, with strong wheat notes and nutty hints. Its body is thick and the beer is almost sticky in your mouth, clinging to your tongue and gums as it slides down your throat.

The beer is complex and interesting, which is something I’ve come to expect from Other Half. Its sweet and tart and earthy all at once. A variety of fruit flavors comes out across the beer as you drink, as does the wheat. The Wheat Wine comes to a close with a very boozy finish that is wonderfully warming and a touch sweet.

Overall, the Other Half Wheat Wine is definitely a reminder that this is a brewery worth investigating.


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