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Ninkasi Tricerahops

July 14, 2014

Last time, I looked at the Ninkasi Believer, a great introduction to the Oregon-based brewery. Just a few days later, the Tricerahops went on tap at my local watering hole, and I was more than a little intrigued. Not really because I’m a fan of hops, as I’ve mentioned many times before I’m not particularly partial to them, but because I like dinosaurs. Beer names, as I’ve also mentioned many times, are very important and something that’s fun to order is something I’m more likely to order. Tricerahops is that sort of great names, that I just couldn’t resist it (I also at one point made three horns with my fingers because I am an adult).

The Tricerahops pours a clear orange-amber color with a quick to dissipate white head. The hop scent is overpoweringly strong on the nose with only a light hint of citrus that has little to no hope of balancing it out. The body was surprisingly light though, with a smooth and easy to drink mouthfeel.

Despite the lack of a strong citrus scent, it’s the sweeter fruity flavor that comes through on the first sip of the beer. A nice combination of grassy and citrus hops follows it, and at times it can be overwhelming but overall the beer has a surprising balance to it despite its heavy handed nose. The finish is, of course, that bitter hop bite some people find refreshing and others will be put off by.

Overall, the Tricerahops is probably more fun to order than drink if you’re not a big fan of hops. However, it’s hard to ignore that it was more balanced and had a more complex flavor than I was expecting. It’s worth a try if you’re feeling adventurous, and a must if you’re a hop head.


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