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Grimm Bees in the Trappe

July 7, 2014

Grimm is a nomadic brewery I have talked about before. They’re comprised solely of a husband and wife team who live in Gowanus and have a very strong love of all things yeast. As can be expected from that kind of strange, yet amazingly beautiful, kind of love is beer that showcases yeast in a way few others do. Remembering how much I enjoyed the With Love From Grimm, I knew I had to try out the Bees in the Trappe.

It’s a hazy gold-orange brew with a bright white head sitting on top of it. The scent has that strong raw honey punch to it that blends perfectly with the sickly sweet yeast scent that wafts up from the glass. The brew has a light body with a smooth and clean mouthfeel that’s almost airy. It’s perfect for the summertime.

The yeast is the first thing that comes up and it is wonderfully sweet and tangy and never manages to be overpowering in anyway. It gets followed up fast by a tart apricot and peach fruit flavor that sets everything up for the strong honey at the end. The honey gets combined with another touch of yeast right on the finish that sticks to the back of your throat and primes you for the next sip.

Overall, the Grimm Bees in the Trappe is a pretty masterful brew that because of its sweeter light flavor profile makes it perfect for people that might not normally order a beer. Since they’re a small batch brewery, who knows when we’ll see it again but in the meantime I’m sure you’ll enjoy anything else they do.


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  1. Reblogged this on Make Beer not War and commented:
    Two people living the dream, not bound down by convention and doing life as the world expects us to. Be sure to click the link to their website!!

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