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Peekskill Simple Sour

June 11, 2014

Despite the fact that I could literally take the train to this brewery and roll down the hill from it in a drunken haze back to the train, I have yet to actually visit Peekskill. For being only six years old, the brewery has had a lot of success and growth that can be traced back to one important thing: good beer done right. As someone who always appreciates a beer that is straightforward, I was excited to have a glass of their Simple Sour.

The beer pours a hazy gold with little to no head. The majority of the scent is made up of bright citrus with a bit of malt thrown in and the barest hint of funk. A light body combines with a mouthfeel I can only refer to as slick to make for a beer that is distinct but still very easy to drink.

The strong citrus flavor that dominates the nose is the main flavor of the beer and hits you right from the first sip. However, it gets mellowed out by the bevy of other flavors that are hiding under a nice wave of malt. The Simple Sour has a dash of spice, a touch of vanilla, and of course some funky hints that help keep things interesting. It ends with that trademark puckery finish that make sours a little hard to get into but so damn enjoyable at the same time.

I would definitely suggest you give the Simple Sour a taste, especially if you’re new to sours, and as always, I recommend any Peekskill beer you can try.


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