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Finback Starchild Ale

June 4, 2014

I haven’t talked about Finback since I had their Double Sess a few months ago. As I mentioned then, despite having been founded in 2011 they’ve only just started to get wider distribution in the City and presumably beyond. They focus on small different kind of beers, and the Starchild Ale definitely did not disappoint. I’m not necessarily the world’s largest sour fan, but when the weather is warm it’s hard to argue with something a little sweet, light, and cold.

The Starchild is a clear ruby color with a white head sitting on top. It has a strong fruit scent that is both sweet and tart all at once that makes you lean back a little from the glass. As can be expected from its low ABV and sour heritage, the beer has a very light and thin body with a mouthfeel that’s just a little sticky. It never reaches full blown molasses levels but it is like biting into a particularly juicy slice of orange or grapefruit.

You’ll realize that the comparison to sticky citrus is very apt when you take your first sip. The Starchild has a big grapefruit flavor that combines both the tartness and sweetness of the actual fruit, along with other strong citrus hints. It’s sour but still manages to be sweet and drinkable, plus a touch of malt on the end really helps to balance the whole thing. While its cloying sweetness does stick around after you finish it, the beer is overall just wonderful.

I and several other people reached for this beer again and again when it was on tap, and consider it a shame that more people weren’t drinking it (a shame for them, a boon for us). I would highly suggest it if you can get your hands on it, and encourage you to keep your eyes peeled for more Finback.


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