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Grimm With Love From Grimm

May 19, 2014

And we’re back! Sorry about the lull, I’ve been a little busy with other things but I’ve still been drinking beer.

One of the interesting things about the rise of American craft beer has always been contract brewing or renting out brewing equipment. In recent history, a lot of breweries have gotten started by either brewing on other people’s equipment (old breweries that used to contract for Busch or Coors) or directly hiring those people to make their beers. Even now lots of breweries get their first big pieces of equipment through old soda machinery they’ve found or breweries in other countries selling off used equipment. In the past few years though there’s been a rise of nomadic brewers who specialize in small batches (sometimes of the same recipe and sometimes not) that they make wherever they can. Evil Twin, who I have talked about before, is perhaps the most widely promoted example and Grimm, as it turns out is another.

Grimm is made by a husband and wife team who have been experimenting with yeast in all sorts of ways for years in their Gowanus apartment. Now they not only have broadened these delicious experiments to include beer (Yeasty Belgian beers in particular) but they’re out and brewing wherever they can. A few weeks back I got to have their new brew, “With Love From Grimm.”

The beer poured a beautiful slightly hazy golden color with a bright white head sitting on top of it. Now knowing the brewery’s story it’s not surprising that the nose had a strong Belgian Yeast scent with a little bit of sweet fruit mixed in. The body was light and the beer itself was smooth if a little cloying.

Obviously, the Belgian yeast flavor was at the forefront of the beer; sweet, a little sugary, with some fruity and funky undercurrents. There’s also a little fruit hint in there, namely apricot, that helps give it that extra little oomph. In the end, its sweetness sticks to your gums a little but this fades pretty quickly.

I would say based on this beer and their philosophy that if you get a chance to try a Grimm, do not pass it up.


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