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Port City Revival Oyster Stout

May 7, 2014

For those readers that are unaware, I spent a hot minute living in Alexandria, Virginia after I graduated from College. Port City Brewing, a brewery that aspires to Alexandria’s rich craft beer history (a brewery was once the major employer in the city), apparently opened in January 2011 which was literally a few weeks after I departed for New York City. They reached New York a few months ago, and I finally spotted them on tap last week. While I’m normally wary of Oyster Stouts (because of a bad night that I think had more to do with Indian food than trace amounts of oysters in a pint), I was too excited to finally try a Port City beer to care.

The Oyster Stout poured a nice black color with brown hues at the edges and a frothy brown head. Rich scents of dark chocolate and coffee tickled my nose along with the barest hint of the sea that those with acute senses of smell or overactive imaginations will pick up. The beer itself is thick and creamy, which makes it a downright pleasure to drink.

Creamy dark chocolate forms the backbone of the brew along with a strong bitter coffee taste. However what makes the beer actually delicious is the undercurrent of dried dark fruits such as raisin and prunes. Finally, there is a nice touch of brine that comes about at the end that gives the beer a nice salty finish that is actually pleasant and interesting.

The Revival Oyster Stout is definitely worth a taste, and I am definitely excited to have more Port City brews in the future.


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