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He’Brew Death of a Contract Brewer

April 30, 2014

He’Brew is one of two brands out of Shmaltz Brewing that derives its style from the Ashkenazi Jewish culture that most Americans think of when they think of Jews. Shmaltz’s other brand is Coney Island, which takes its beer names from sideshow/carny culture (ie Human Blockhead or Sword Swallower). The brewery has been hopping between coasts and contract brewers since 1996, gaining ground with good beer and a kitschy flair. In 2013, they finally opened their first permanent brewery in upstate New York and to commemorate they’ve created the Black IPA, Death of a Contract Brewer.

The beer pours a dark black color with a stark white head sitting on top of it. Sweet chocolate scents mingle with bright floral hops to form the brew’s fairly strong nose. With a middling body and an almost chewy mouthfeel, it’s definitely not something to be tossed back but instead slowly appreciated.

The dark roasted malts give the beer a strong chocolate and coffee flavor but the real excitement comes from the hops. They provide not only the anticipated floral bursts but a nice rich earthiness that ties the whole beer together. It’s finish is quick and a bit bitter but overall the beer is strong and flavorful.

Definitely worth a pint not only just to try it out but to celebrate Shmaltz finally finding a permanent home.


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