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Abita Abbey Dubbel

April 21, 2014

Abita is a very wonderful all-around brewery. Their flagship brews like the Turbodog and Purple Haze are perfect if you’re ever at a bar or restaurant and need something that’s great, and their Strawberry and Pecan Harvest seasonals are beers I look forward too every year. Of course, they produce much more than many people realize and one such group is their big beers (which traditionally come in 22oz bombers).

The Abbey Dubbel is a beer designed to capture the style of traditional abbey ales made in monasteries and it pours a wonderful chestnut color with little to no head. The rich dark malt that lends it it’s color also comes out strong in the nose alongside hints of toffee. The body is a little too heavy to be called light and it has a smooth clean mouthfeel that makes for easy drinking.

The malt once again comes to the foreground with the taste, being surprisingly sweet with a few darker chocolate/malt flavors. Think more sweet milk chocolate than the dark black chocolates of stouts and porters. The toffee comes out as well, keeping the brew light and sweet, especially when combined with the sweeter yeasts that have long been favored by beer-making monks.

Overall, the Abbey Dubbel is smooth, sweet, and a little dark. It’s a beer worth checking out if you’re fond of Belgian and Abbey ales or are looking to get to know them a little better.


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