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Finback Double Sess

April 9, 2014

The past few years have seen a lot of new and exciting breweries popping up in New York City. Finback, though founded in 2011, only started releasing their drafts from a Queens brewery in January. Like many people starting out they focus on small interesting batches that seek to create a unique and bold flavor. Since anything New York City based and new gets my attention, I jumped on their Double Sess when I saw it on tap.

The beer is hazy golden yellow in color with a bright white head sitting on top. The scent had a strong combination of lemon and peppercorn with a dash of tea that helped to mellow it out. It’s light in body with an interesting mouthfeel that’s a little creamy and a little sticky, coating your throat as it goes down.

A strong sweet wheat flavor forms the core of the brew but it’s the other flavors that are built around that core that make it worthwhile. Lemon, tea, and honey mix to create a pleasant sweetness that bolsters the wheat. Meanwhile, the pepper adds a nice spice that works very well with the slight hop finish. Overall, it’s flavorful, distinct, and enjoyable.

Based on this beer, I’ll be very excited to try some more Finback.


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