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New Holland Full Circle

April 2, 2014

While the rain is keeping things dark and dreary, warm Spring weather is slowly but surely creeping in and soon enough before we realize it, Summer will be upon us. When the warm weather hits, it’s always good to have a few lighter beers in your mind for when you’re sweaty and tired and want that perfect brew. When I saw the New Holland Full Circle, a nice light kolsch, on tap the other day I just couldn’t resist.

The beer is a pale yellow color with just a slight haziness to it and a white head that disappears almost instantly. The scent is comprised almost entirely of sweet malt with a dab of honey to get your attention. In that perfect Kolsch style the Full Circle is light-bodied and has an almost chewy mouthfeel that is surprisingly easy to drink. It’s light but it still feels like you’re drinking a real beer.

The honey flavors help make this a little on the sweet side for a kolsch but I’m not going to complain about it. It pairs well with the sweeter malt they used, and it helps balance out the small hoppy bite that comes at you toward the end. The finish is mild and a little sweet without obliterating the bitter hop flavor that it follows.

Overall, the Full Circle is a beer I’ll be happy to have as the weather gets warmer.


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