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Harpoon Black Forest

March 31, 2014

I’m always up for a Harpoon beer, and when I ducked into my local watering hole this weekend to get out of the rain that was trying to drown New York City, I spied the Black Forest sitting on the tap. Anything beer that involves the word black already has my attention, but if you mention wood I’m probably going to order it. Now, most of you probably made this connection before I did, but obviously this name is not simply describing its color or alluding to a forest in Germany. This beer is clearly harkening to the delicious cake that bears the same name (and is alluding to a liquor from the Black Forest region of Germany).

The Black Forest is a dark black with ruby hues at the edges with a light brown head sitting on top of it. It has a wonderful scent of chocolate and cherries that tickles your nose when you hold it close and take your first sip. The beer is light-bodied and silky smooth going down making it easy to gulp down Something that, at around 10% after all, is probably not a good idea.

Sweet tart cherries are the first thing to hit you when you drink this beer. This is followed by a wonderful chocolate-coffee profile with touches of nuts. The Black Forest is a surprisingly delicate beer, with a boozy touch, that is simply fantastic.

I would highly suggest this beer. It’s light enough to drink in the spring but still dark enough to match the chilly rain filled days ahead.


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