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Coronado Jurata

March 26, 2014

The Jurata is a collaboration between Coronado Brewing in California and Cigar City Brewing in Florida. I’ve talked about Cigar City before, a Tampa Bay area brewery that makes a number of interesting beers, though I feel like they’re always escaping my grasp or flying under my radar, which is frustrating because of how much I enjoy them. Coronado, on the other hand, is a San Diego County brewery that started up in 1996 by a pair of local brothers who are dedicated to making good beer.
The Jurata pours a black color with red hues on the edges when held up to the light and a quick to dissipate whitish head sitting on top. The scent is very light but still manages the roasted malt combination of chocolate and coffee, a hint of what’s to come. I found the body to be lighter than I was expecting but far from objectionable, it simply helped this smooth, clean brew slide down my throat faster and get me ready to order another.

In terms of flavor, the Jurata is not complex or even particularly big, but it still manages to be flavorful and subtle. The rich roasted malt tastes come out on the sweeter end of the spectrum, think lattes and milk chocolate rather than chocolate or coffee so dark it absorbs light. There’s also a touch of anise and licorice that provides a delightful tickle on the finish.

The Jurata won’t blow your mind, but it definitely speaks to the strengths of these breweries; the ability to create something good and drinkable that you can suggest without exception.


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