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Other Half Lembeer 86

March 24, 2014

Feeling exceedingly confident over the last Other Half beer I had, I was ready to order a pint of the Lembeer 86 without reading a description. Then my friend told me that it tasted disgusting and I was given pause.
A sizable tasting pour was set down in front of me. The beer had a bright white head sitting on top of a cloudy orange body. The scent assaulted my nostrils with a funky hop scent, and underlying hints of citrus. Already, I was becoming wary, my eyes were watering and my throat spasming as I took a sip to get a sense of the mouthfeel. It took several tries to hammer down the beer’s light body and smooth but distinctly strange mouthfeel, largely because of the taste.
The best way I could come up with to describe the Lembeer 86’s flavor was, “like a clump of hoppy cheese.” A sharp bleu cheese on top of that, something funky and chock full of bacteria that some people claim is delicious while I go, “Nay nay, sir.” Truly if you’ve ever wanted to know what a beer that was sour and funky tasted like, Other Half has found the pinnacle of it.
Which is sort of the problem. The Lembeer is supposed to be sour and funky, and it does that… very well (so well I was gagging, in fact). It is definitely not for me, and I think most people are in that camp, but if you’re the type of person who gets excited over descriptions like ‘funk’, ‘zing’, or ‘liquid cheese’ than you’ll be hard pressed to find something better than this.
You strange, strange, person.


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