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Maine Beer Company Mean Old Tom

March 17, 2014

Maine Beer Company is a fairly new brewery with a story that is wonderfully familiar to fans of beer. Two brothers fell in love with craft beer, and with a desire to make something real started to homebrew. They quickly realized this is what they wanted to do, and while working nine-to-fives, they started brewing one single beer to perfection, then distributing it out of their own cars and so on. Now five years later, they’ve continued to grow into bigger and bigger spaces, hiring more people, and brewing more beer to pay for it all. Their goal is to do what’s right (they donate 1% of their profits to Environmental NGOs) while making beer that they want to drink, not necessarily what’s popular with the market. These sorts of stories make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and it helps a lot that their beer also made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. The beer also made my head a little light and my balance a little off-kilter.

I drank a lot of this one guys.

The Mean Old Tom is a big stout that is black with brownish hues on the edges when it’s held up to the light and a fluffy dark brown head sitting atop it like a matching hat. When you hold it up to your nose, you get a rich chocolatey scent and nothing else, it’s fantastic. The beer is thick and heavy, with a slight creaminess that keeps it from being too overpowering, allowing you to drink pint after pint.

Its main flavor is, unsurprising given the nose, strong dark chocolate with nice coffee flavors around the edges. A really wonderful expression of traditional roasted malt flavors, that come around to give it that classic bittersweet finish. However, what makes this interesting, is that there’s a hint of something else lurking around. At first my mind went to a nice toffee flavor, but the bar manager at my local then informed me that the beer is aged with vanilla beans. It’s sweet, and blends really well with the dark chocolate, adding that light touch that makes the Mean Old Tom something worth revisiting with another round.

I would highly suggest this beer, and if it’s in anyway indicative of their other beers, I would highly suggest the brewery. Definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for more Maine Beers.


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