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It’s a Blog, Dear Readers

March 6, 2014

So as I hinted at in the last blog post, stuff has been happening in my life…

Or well, the more appropriate description would be that nothing has really been happening in my life, which was sort of the problem when it came to writing. This winter has just been a continuous hammer of snow and ice making walking to the subway or corner store a perilous journey. At one point half a block near my apartment had about two inches of compacted ice because the people responsible for that section of sidewalk gave absolutely zero fucks about safety. I’m sure someone with far more energy to complain than I do dialed 311 and complained but the point is, the decision to go out and do things or stay inside was a pretty easy one.

Of course, creativity does not thrive in locked rooms.

Despite a lot of plans to kick off this new year right with five big goals for the year (the first three of which are basically write more), I ended up wrapped up in blankets trying to make my brain crap out new ideas. I generated a few ideas that I thought were really good, but weren’t. I revisited old ideas I keep in the back of my brain because they’re really good. They’re not. And I avoided editing a novel I wrote in December because editing is super-hard you guys.

Actually since I haven’t much talked about novels on here in a while, I might as well. Fire and Athame my absurdly long Urban Fantasy Young Adult piece set in suburbia is at once both winding down and gearing up in ways I didn’t expect, but I’m not going to talk about it because obviously it is in a Schroedinger’s Cat situation. From mid-November to mid-December I wrote a new novel. It’s tighter, shorter, and in my opinion generally better written than Fire & Athame was, but Gods damn it I was just reading it the other day and realized there are still words missing. I am waiting for some trusted confidants to get back to me about it, and then I’ll probably start a few more read throughs and edits before moving to query sometime in early Spring.

The novel’s working title is Safe Harbor and it’s brought me back into the wonderful realm of science fiction. It’s funny how I often consider myself a fantasy guy, or have in recent years because you can’t spit without hitting riffs on Tolkien and Martin. Luckily, these days Fantasy is finally starting to take itself back from Tolkein’s Mind Imperialism (Middle Earth is actually the last remaining colony of the British Empire) with continuously good and different Secondary Worlds are starting to pull ahead. Let me take a moment to plug Saladin Ahmed’s Throne of the Crescent Moon (a swashbuckling Arabian-styled fantasy) and Sofia Samatar’s A Stranger in Olondria (a deep and slow fantasy novel set in a magical Southeast Asia), both of which were nominated for Nebula awards and are generally fantastic.

However, I grew up reading science fiction both the good and the bad, and I love thinking about Space. Do you guys know how awesome space is? I mean, I know it doesn’t have dragons but it has missiles and starfighters, which are way cooler! Anyway, I’ve been thinking more about science fiction especially after I tried so desperately hard to make some neat urban fantasy ideas work, and my white board is currently dominated by a huge outline for the next big novel project. In case you haven’t realized it yet, this next project will involve space and starfighters and terrorism and metadata. No working title as of right now, but I’m loving this main character’s name and attitude and I haven’t even started writing it yet.

It’s going to be sexy as fuck.

I attribute these sudden bursts of creativity to the changing weather. The thaw is slowly starting and will progress until winter comes once again. Obviously, I’m capable of doing things during the yearly freezes but it’s really only if I have the ball rolling ahead of time. Also, this isn’t to say I have actually been completely lacking in productivity.

During the period in which I feel like I wasn’t writing, I actually wrote two short stories, rewrote a screenplay, and hashed out some outlines for a few other projects in addition to this novel. I’ve also been consuming a fair amount of media (Have you guys seen True Detective?!), and this week I picked up the South Park video game, which I have been surprisingly enjoyable. In the next few weeks, I have a plans to put a couple of things on the old chopping block.

As I said above, I’ll be taking some more passes at this new sci-fi novel Safe Harbor and then beginning the fun of querying agents once again. I’ll also be taking another pass or two at a pilot script I don’t think I’ve ever discussed with the working title of Girl with a Guitar, which is about creating music, high school, suburbia, and possibly other things. Another script about creating stuff that probably deserves another pass is one I call Creative Minds, about creating things and Brooklyn and God can this list of projects get any whiter? Since, I just went from listening to Elizabeth and the Catapult’s new album to Haim’s debut album, I think the answer is yes.

I also have a dramedy script about college sitting around that could use another pass or two, and watching The Shield has helped amp me up to work on a cop show script I’ve had kicking around my head for a few weeks. Nothing too concrete on rewriting/writing either of those yet though. I’m also kicking around ideas on some feature length scripts. The next step of the plan there is to start learning some production stuff because all of this sitting around imagining how things work is getting somewhat boring. Especially when I feel like I should be out learning to do things. My brother and I are also tinkering with some thoughts on game design but that is a long way off.

I intend to update the blog a bit more, digging into writing for roleplaying games and some more general nerdery more. As always, when I give these updates, I’ll be curious to see what holds up in three or four months time. No matter what though, I hope you all continue to enjoy the ride, and maybe soon I’ll have some sort of tremendously good news for you or you know, I won’t.


Written but not edited.


Mark T. Hrisho


P.S. This is a letter now, I guess…

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  1. Creative Minds could easily be sold to CW as their version of “Girls”

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