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Other Half Imperial Stout

March 3, 2014

Other Half Brewing is a Brooklyn based brewery that I can only assume is relatively new. Their website is minimalist to say the least but that in itself is telling. Plenty of breweries have a great story, and some of them make me appreciate the beer a little bit more, but the people behind Other Half clearly have their priorities solely centered on the beer which in some ways is very refreshing. Frankly, that dedication shone through in their Imperial Stout.

As to be expected, the beer was pitch black with a nice fluffy brown head. At first the nose seems very typical with strong roasted malt scents but then you get whammied by a plume of bitter hops that gave me slight pause. However, the beer was thick and full bodied. It rolled over my tongue like an avalanche, which is exactly what I’m looking for in an Imperial Stout.

Big heavy roasted malt flavors are what come running across your tastebuds in this beer; chocolate, coffee, touches of smoke and wood. They’re huge, upfront, and flavorful. I swore there was a hint of vanilla but I might have been wrong. What surprised me was how much I enjoyed the strength of the bitter hops on the finish. Sometimes when people hop up stouts it makes everything too bitter at the end, compounding the already dark flavors, but with this brew there was just enough sweetness left lingering that the hops created a nice effect. It wasn’t balanced but Imperial Stouts aren’t about balance they’re about strong flavors and using hops to accentuate the dark flavors made that little bit of sweetness shine through in just the right way.

Honestly, I’m very excited to try more beer from this brewery, and I would definitely suggest that you check them out if you get the chance.


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