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Brouwerij West Dog Ate My Homework

February 26, 2014

Brouwerij West is a fairly young brewery out of Southern California. They were established three years ago and focus on making beers in a traditional Belgian styles. Truly the most impressive thing about them from their four sentence summary is that they don’t brew IPAs, which I always view as a breath of fresh air especially from the West. The Dog Ate My Homework is a blackberry saison that was suggested to me the other night, and I can say right now I really enjoyed it.

It pours a dark ruby, almost purple, color with a legitimately pink head. Blackberries dominate the nose with a slight edge of saison yeast beneath it. The beer is light but very juice-like, with that smooth yet sticky quality that you get from fresh fruit juice.

Despite its presence on the nose, the berry flavor is actually fairly light and sweet, not being too tart but still puckering your lips a little. This mixes well with the sweeter saison yeast and a fairly bready malt flavor. I swore there was a hint of black pepper, but Brouwerij claims they don’t use spices so it might have merely been my imagination. Overall, it’s not much more than what it says on the tin, but at the same time its well balanced and refreshing so I’m not going to call that a fault.

I would say based on this beer that Brouwerij West is a brewery worth checking out and I’m eager to try more of what they have.


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