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Doc’s Cranberry Spiced Cider

February 12, 2014

Cider is one of those things that a lot of drinkers (mostly male, but plenty of females as well) are often wary about. I blame years of accidentally grabbing overly sweet Woodchucks from communal ice buckets for this phenomenon as well as a belief that “real” drinkers don’t drink cider. Of course, as any proponent of Cider will tell you, “Cider is delicious.” Doc’s Ciders especially. Made by a winery and distillery in Upstate New York you can find Doc’s throughout a lot of the Boswash corridor and maybe some other places in bars both divey and pretentious.

The other night, I was intrigued enough by the very notion of a cranberry spiced cider that I was thinking about getting it, but when my friends were blown away by it, I got a pint almost immediately. It’s a surprisingly dark amber color with a white head that had almost disappeared by the time I got back to the table from the bar. The best way to describe its smell is like apple pie, just strong apple scent followed by cinnamon and nutmeg and other delicious things.

Like most ciders, it has a light body and is terrifically smooth. The cider kicks off with a quick burst of cranberry tartness and sweetness that puckers your lips just a little bit. This is then washed away by a delicious apple pie like flavor that literally makes you feel like you’re eating a slice of pie. This cider was wonderful and I highly suggest that you get your hands on it if you can. I can easily imagine warming it just a little bit during these cold winter nights that are coming down the pike.


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