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Bayou Teche Crocodie

February 10, 2014

Back when I had a restaurant, one of the things I always tried to maintain were a few dedicated taps of interesting and different beers from around the United States that paired well with our cuisine and tasted good. While not all of the patrons might have always appreciated it, a core of our clientele as well as myself enjoyed the options. Of course, what always sold better than others were fruit beers in the summer. In the last few months, I stumbled into Bayou Teche’s Passionne, a delicious passion fruit wheat that paired wonderfully with our cat fish.

It’s hard to get Louisiana beers that aren’t Abita, and Bayou Teche, founded in 2009 by a team of brothers, is one of the better ones that you can find around the country. Inspired by a love of cajun cooking and an appreciation for regional European brewing styles, the Knott brothers set out to make good beer that complement the land and culture they grew up in. Humorously, the same day that I was thinking it had been too long since I had one of their brews, the Crocodie (a Belgian IPA) appeared on tap at my local bar.

The Crocodie is a beautiful clear gold color with a bright white head. It smells strongly of Belgian yeast, and fresh fruit with a nice twinge of fresh cut grass that really paints a bright and wonderful picture in your mind. The body is light but the beer ends up sticking to your gums a little, which is a little better than you would expect.

The beer is ultimately what it says on the tin. There’s a nice mixture of Belgian flavors, and it manages to pull off a solid sweet Tripel profile. You get a distinct taste of sugar, yeast, and fruit that embodies the style. This is then washed away in a cleansing burst of grassy hops that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for another blast. Overall, the beer manages to be adventurous but not jarring, and definitely something you can drink for a while.

I’m not sure if I’d call the Crocodie representative of the brewery but at the same time it’s good, light, and there’s a number of dishes I could see it pairing well with. Since that’s the exact thing they’re shooting for, this is a pretty good entry point for the brewery (if you’re the type of person who knew what this beer tasted like when I said Belgian IPA at least). I definitely recommend their other beers and hope that you give them a try.


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