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Anderson Valley El Steinbeer

January 27, 2014

With the cold weather finally breaking over New York City, I want to dream of warmer climes and the nicer months that are still to come (though I’m certain I’ll be dreaming of frigid months and stouts comes summer). What certainly helps is a wonderful lager I stumbled into during an Anderson Valley tap take over a few weeks ago. Inspired by popular Mexican beers, which are themselves adapted from German and Austrian practices, this California brewery has made a darker than average Mexican lager they affectionately dubbed El Steinbeer.

The beer itself is a dark amber with a foamy bright white head sitting atop it. A light and pleasing malt aroma wafts up from the foamy head to tickle your nose. The beer is perfectly smooth and clean that goes well with its light body. There’s nothing particularly shocking about the flavor, it’s a solid balance of bready malt, with sharp slightly bitter hops that give a clean bite. It’s a really great if simple beer that you can order again and again.

I’ve said this before, and I feel it needs to be stressed on a regular basis. I certainly love beers that push the boundaries of styles, and experiment with all sorts of flavors however it’s important to be able to craft a nice solid brew. El Steinbeer is certainly such a beer, it wears its ancestry proudly and offers a great beer with a nod and a wink.


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