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Port Jeff Cold North Wind

January 20, 2014

Port Jeff is a small brewery from the north shore of Long Island that I’ve talked about a few times before. So far, the majority of their beer has been quite pleasant, and I’m always excited to try whatever they produce I can find. Of course, there comes a time when every brewery produces something that I sadly just can’t quite get behind, and this is one of those times.

The Cold North Wind is a barleywine that pours a wonderful hazy orange color and is capped by a bright white head. The scent was very light and difficult to parse, leaving little to actually get excited about. The middling body and smooth mouthfeel made it easy to drink but there was little else to get excited about.

The flavor was sadly equally simple. A combination of bready malt and piney hops. By no means a foul combination or particularly off putting but it lacked any sense of the flair it seemed to be striving for. It’s not a bad beer, just a disappointing one especially given how much I have enjoyed other beers from them.

Overall, the Cold North Wind is passable but it’s not going to be something you reach for round after round. However, don’t let one ‘meh’ beer turn you off to this brewery, as they have shown many times before that they are exceedingly capable and interesting.


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