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New Holland 4 Witches

January 13, 2014

New Holland is a brewery I’ve mentioned a couple of times before. They hail out of Michigan, a state known to produce many a good brewery, and certainly produce some of the more distinctive but delicious beers I’ve had in recent years. Rather than try to shoot for something mind boggling or obnoxiously experimental, they go for little variations in style that still aim to please while offering something novel. Knowing this, and being fond of roasted malt, I was very excited to get a hand on the 4 Witches, a black saison.

The beer was a dark black color with some faint red hues that became apparent when they were held up to the light. A fluffy brown head sat atop the beer, complimenting the color quite nicely. Bright saison yeast combined with citrus touches to provide the majority of the nose alongside a few hints of spice that serve to tickle you ever so slightly. The beer itself has a fairly middling body with a slightly syrupy mouth feel.

The majority of the flavor has a spiced chocolate feel to it, though not the chile-chocolate feel you might get from certain chocolatiers. Instead it’s a broader combination of spice flavors that help to compliment the chocolate notes. The saison yeast, alongside brighter citrust flavors, offer a nice counter-punch to the rich spicy chocolate flavor and help to keep the beer light and sweet. It comes to an end with a nice sweet finish.

Overall, this beer is balanced and distinct. I’m certain that you’ll enjoy it if you’re able to have a glass of it.


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