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Sixpoint Bolshoi

January 6, 2014

Sixpoint Brewery is a company that I never quite know how to feel about. They’re at once one of my favorite breweries and at the same time one I just am simply angry with. I feel like when I first moved to New York City their beers were far superior to what they are today, but at the same time their canned beer (which they call nanokegs because Brooklyn) is generally of respectable quality. Of course, there are also the arguments you get amongst certain beer drinking circles about how they’re supposedly hiding their contract brewing from people and it’s all just very… messy.

Every so often though, I’ll stumble face-first into one of their beer that makes me go, “Oh yeah, this is why I’m angry with them so often, because all of their beers used to be this awesome.”

The Bolshoi is an older recipe they revitalized this past winter and put up as an exclusive at Barcade Brooklyn. When you get your hands on it, it’s a dark black color with a fluffy brown head sitting on top of it. A surprisingly light scent of chocolate and molasses tickles your nose as you lift it to your mouth, which does nothing to prepare you for the flavor you’re about to experience. It’s thick and smooth and surprisingly clean as it runs through your mouth.

Sweet flavors of roasted malt and rich chocolate roll over your tongue, along with hints of black coffee that someone dumped about ten packets of sugar into. A strong flavor of dark sticky molasses combines with a licorice flavor that manages to not overpower the rest of the bittersweet flavors of the beer. The finish is sweet and wonderful while being tinged with booze. Really, this is a wonderful beer, and I fear it might be too late for more people to try.

Ultimately though, all I can say about this beer is that it reminds me of a time when Sixpoint was putting out a consistently superior product.


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