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Evil Twin Christmas Eve in a New York City Hotel Room

December 13, 2013

Wow! This beer’s name is certainly a mouthful. Though that’s really only par for the course when it comes to Evil Twin brewing. Currently centered in either Greenpoint or Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Evil Twin is a whacky and somewhat pretentious brewery that would be far more annoying if they didn’t produce such fantastic brews. I picked this up at a local fancy-grocer, and it’s funny because apparently there is a distinct story behind the title according to the head brewer (who goes to the store semi-regularly) but every time he is going to tell someone there the story he gets distracted or off-topic relatively quickly.

The beer is an imperial stout and it has that perfect inky black color with a dark brown almost mocha head sitting on top of it. The smell of sweet booze from this beer can be picked up from a solid foot away, and a strong undercurrent of roasted malt comes out when you hold it close. A heavy body helps make this beer feel thick in your mouth, and it almost has a molasses quality to it.

Bitter dark chocolate and black coffee dominate this beer’s flavor profile. The darkness is nicely complimented by some nutty hints and a touch of booze that both provide a bit of sweetness to the brew. Everything comes to a close with a nice bitter coffee finish that lingers on the edges of your mouth for a while.

If you can get your hands on this beer, you will be very satisfied. If you can’t find it but you can lay your hands on some other Evil Twin beers, I imagine you would not be disappointed.


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