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Middle Ages Smoked Porter

December 11, 2013

As I’ve stated before, Middle Ages is a brewery that has never lead me wrong. They’re a traditional hand-crafted English brewery (no fancy machines or the like here) run by a married couple out of Syracuse, New York. The other night with an array of choices before me, I wasn’t sure exactly where I wanted to start and then I spotted the Middle Ages Smoked Porter. While Middle Ages only makes a few truly noteworthy beers (which I strangely never get around to reviewing) they do make plenty of strong examples of various styles that are worth checking out. Hence, why when at a loss I reached for one of their beers.

The Smoked Porter is an appropriately dark black with a few ruby red hues when held up to the light and little to no head. There was a nice smoky scent on the nose that mixed very nicely with a current of chocolate, and a touch of what I swore was booze. It had a good thick body with a velvety mouthfeel that was wonderfully smooth going down.

As can be expected from this brewery, the flavors were strong and straightforward. The chocolate flavors were sweeter than average but balanced by the rest of the roasted malt. Unlike some smoked beers that can make you feel like you just fell face first into a camp fire, this porter keeps it present but not overwhelming offering nice bursts of smoky goodness at the right moments to keep things smooth. Finally, it’s no surprise that the beer comes to a close with more of that sweeter chocolate flavor making for a nice lighter finish.

Middle Ages once again demonstrates their reliability and exemplary craftsmanship with a beer that’s worth your time even if you’re not at a loss for what to order.


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