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SingleCut Eric More Cowbell

December 6, 2013

Today is, apparently, the first anniversary of SingleCut Beer. In honor of their fantastic accomplishments as such a young brewery, I’m taking today to look at a beer of theirs that I had just last evening. It is the More Cowbell, and it is a pretty delicious milk stout. I was very lucky to get this on a nitro pour at the always wonderful Barcade in Brooklyn.

The beer is a beautiful pitch black and had a nice heavy light-brown head sitting on top of it with that perfect nitro pour consistency. The nose is one wonderful scent of rich cocoa, not unlike a nice warm cup of hot chocolate. The body was sufficiently light and smooth while having a certain fluffy mouthfeel that felt particularly good.

Sweet chocolate is the dominating flavor. It’s a lighter milk chocolate style rather than being extremely dark. However, strong coffee currents provide a bitter edge toward the end of the beer before comes to a close with hints of cream. Overall, the flavors combine to create a light mocha flavor that is fantastic, especially given the fluffy mouthfeel.

At the end of the day, SingleCut is still producing awesome beers, and this is certainly one of them. I do feel a little bad that I won’t be able to make it to the one year anniversary tonight but then again I still haven’t been out there at all, so I guess it’s ok.


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