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Abita French Connection

December 2, 2013

Abita is a brewery that I really enjoy, but for some reason I feel like I only drink their beers between late spring and early fall. Perhaps its because they put out some amazing seasonals during that time, especially late summer into the fall when they pull out their Strawberry and Pecan harvest ales, but for some reason that’s when I stick to them. As the months turn colder, I tend to forget about this Louisiana brewery and its beers that seem to be made for a warmer climate. However, the other night I was looking for something good but lighter in alcohol content and I found myself ordering a French Connection. Obviously, the beer calls to mind the French origins of Louisiana’s famed Cajun communities through the famed French saison with of course, an American twist.

The French Connection has that perfect hazy dark gold almost amber color that’s topped by a quick to dissipate white head. It’s nose is made up entirely of sweet malt and some hints of caramel, which I found somewhat disappointing since I was expecting a more prominent yeast scent. Things return to form with the beer’s lighter drinkable body with a just a little bit of syrupy texture on the mouthfeel. This is a beer that does manage to cling to the back of your throat though this doesn’t necessarily detract from it.

In terms of taste, I’ve found that the best way to describe this beer is strange yet satisfying. Sweet malt is very prominent at first, of course, but it quickly gives way to a mellow mixture of citrus and grass hops. You’ll be thinking that its enjoyable, a little different, and not quite a saison when the yeast suddenly rears up out of nowhere to offer its combination of sickly sweet and funky flavors. All of this combines together to make something that has a little bit of sweetness, a little bit of funk, while still being smooth overall. When you finish this beer you’ll be strangely satisfied.

I would say that if you’re looking for an interesting Abita beer to try, you shouldn’t miss out on the French Connection.


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