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Brooklyn Dark and Twisted

November 29, 2013

I came upon this beer the night before Thanksgiving after reminding myself why rauchbier’s are one of the most frightening concoctions to come out of Germany (there will be more on that in a later entry). It is part of Brooklyn Brewery’s Worshipful Company of Brewer’s program, where members of the company design a beer for brewing and distribution. This submission was inspired by chocolate covered pretzels and is positively amazing.

The beer pours an opaque black color with a fluffy brown head that looks perfect when poured and dissipates very quickly. The scent is reminiscent of sweet chocolates made with salt that I’ve tried at various confectioners and festivals over the year; mostly sweet lighter chocolate with a crisp hint of salt. The beer has a surprisingly middling body, just enough heft to be present, and a mouthfeel that is like a brief touch of velvet.

There are strong flavors of chocolate throughout the beer, ranging from lighter grades to the real heavy darker and more bitter chocolates. There is a smooth roasted malt character that really helps bolster the chocolate sensations before coming to a finish with a touch of salt. What really makes that touch of salt so impressive is that there is enough to evoke exactly what this beer is shooting for (a chocolate covered pretzel) without turning into something revolting like a full on Gose.

I would say if you get a chance to try the Dark&Twisted you definitely should. It’s an amazing beer, it does what it wants to accomplish and it really hits the spot.


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