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Weyerbacher Aries

November 27, 2013

By this point in the autumnal season everyone has become fairly fatigued by the flavor of pumpkin. Unless, of course, you’re a white girl in yoga pants who patiently waits all year for pumpkin spiced everything, then you’re probably plotting how to get as much pumpkin into Thanksgiving as possible. If you are the type of person who loves fall and pumpkin flavor you’re very lucky because my favorite brewery from a town that has a guitar and crayon factory Weyerbacher not only makes an amazing pumpkin beer but this year they decided to combine it with their fantastic stout to create the Aries.

The beer itself is a pitch black color with a fluffy brown head sitting on top of it. The nose is a taste of things to come with a very strong pumpkin scent alongside hints of roasted malt and sickly sweet booze. Despite being part Russian Imperial, the Aries still maintains a fairly middling body and smooth clean mouthfeel that’s more reminiscent of the Imperial Pumpkin which I personally prefer in this case.

The first taste to hit your tongue with this beer is a rich roller coaster of pumpkin flavor and autumnal spices. This is followed up by threads of sweet booziness that can become a bit too intense. Luckily that intensity is cut down by the roasted malt flavors that offer pops of coffee and chocolate flavor. Finally, the beer comes to a close on a nice light chocolate finish that makes this beer like a piece of pumpkin pie drizzled in chocolate (which if you’ve never done, I highly suggest).

As always, Weyerbacher has made something pretty fantastic that’s worth looking into. It might not be a serious contender for the Throne of Fall, but it’ll keep you warm in these late fall and early winter days while giving you a nice pumpkin fix.


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