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Brooklyn Cuvee La Boite

November 20, 2013

Brooklyn is another brewery that is very close to me that I have very rarely actually gone to. Despite being roughly a twenty or thirty minute jaunt from my apartment, I have only visited once or twice and for some reason I have never actually drank a beer there on any of my visits. I don’t know why I’m telling you this, since it isn’t like I’m going to rectify this any time soon. I suppose I’m bringing it up because I don’t have much to say about Brooklyn Brewery at this point. They’re good, they’re local, and they support the community.

The Cuvee La Boite is a clear gold-orange color with a thin white head on top of it that lingers around the edges of the glass. The scent is a nice and inviting mixture of Belgian yeast, sugar, and black pepper. Despite being a touch on the syrupy side in terms of mouthfeel, this beer has a fairly light body and still manages to go down smoothly.

There is a strong malt taste in the beer, not too bready and not too sweet, that provides a solid foundation for the lighter and sweeter flavors of the beer. Tastes of sweet honey and vanilla mix with sugar creating a fairly sweet beer. These flavors roll right into the Belgian yeast finish which is kept from overpowering you with its sweetness by a wonderful black pepper undercurrent.

Overall, I found this to be an interesting beer that achieved a solid balance despite its sweetness. Definitely worth checking out.


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