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Troegs Troegenator

November 6, 2013

I’ve only talked about Troegs one other time, and just like then I feel the need to remind people that there’s plenty of beers and breweries out there that I don’t talk about but do enjoy. When I lived in Virginia, Troegs definitely featured far more heavily in my rotation of craft beer simply because they were good and available. They dip their toes into lots of traditional brewing methods while keeping a distinctly American flair and are definitely one of the Pennsylvania breweries worth knowing. The Troegenator is one of their more well known beers, and I firmly believe it’s one that people should be better acquainted with as a double bock.

The Troegenator pours a clear brown color with perfect ruby red hues. The head is fluffy and light brown in color, sitting perfectly on top of the beer. Sweet malt is the predominant scent though if you sniff hard enough you’ll get nice hints of rich chocolate coming through.

When you drink this beer the first thing you’ll notice is that it is thick and viscous, almost syrupy in its mouthfeel. The flavor is sweet and sugary, before rolling into a taste of ripe dark fruits the kind of sugary berries that are just bursting with juice. There are light nutty hints that pop up here and there but the beer is mostly concentrated on the sugary flavors before it rolls into a dark chocolate finish.

Overall, the Troegenator is a great beer from a brewery that I should really talk more about.


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One Comment
  1. jeff permalink

    Troegs is definitely one of the breweries I miss most from the east coast. Long Trail, too.

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