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Midnight Sun Treat

October 30, 2013

Midnight Sun is a brewery that I definitely thought I had talked about when they had finally made it out here to New York. It’s pretty hard to not want to talk about these guys since they are a brewery from Alaska. That’s right, their bold brews come from what is affectionately referred to as America’s Last Frontier. I can’t seem to find out much about them or their story, but they seem to have a brewpub and are involved with their local community, which I always consider to be fantastic things in a brewery.

The Treat is pitch black with a thin brown head, which is increasingly the color I like to see in my pumpkin beers. A big powerful scent of dark chocolate hits you right in the nose with a light undercurrent of vanilla, which instantly promises complexities and deliciousness in this brew. The beer itself is thick and velvety in your mouth, like a blanket of beer just running over your tongue.

The tug and pull of vanilla and chocolate provides a stage for the pumpkin flavors to really shine through. Since the chocolate flavor is so dark and rich, it actually pairs well with the vanilla to create something very unique that the pumpkin flavor and its attendant spices builds off of. You get that legitimate pumpkin taste as the beer comes to a close with some fall spices popping up at the very end before the beer settles into a lingering flavor of that bitter chocolate. It’s essentially a wave of flavor that starts with a crash of chocolate, then the vanilla, then the pumpkin, and finally some remaining chocolate as the wave recedes.

This is a great beer, and despite the fact that I don’t have other reviews of their brews, I know Midnight Sun is a great brewery. I highly suggest anything they make if you can get your hands on it, and encourage you to taste this beer if you see it.


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