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Brooklyn The Defender

October 28, 2013

There’s a lot of reasons, at least in my opinion, to like Brooklyn Brewery. They can be pretentious at times, I’ve heard bartenders across the country complain about their representatives and brewers, but that’s generally the worst thing that I hear about them. Far more importantly, they’re dedicated to the city, they’re honest about what and where they brew, and they’re generally very positive people. One of the cool things they do is brew The Defender in honor of New York Comic Con every year. It’s obviously a New York City exclusive but you can find it around town for most of October, and I’d say if you’re in town for the convention it’s worth drinking.

The beer is black in color with these barely perceptible ruby hues when you hold it up to the light, and a nice tan head that looks perfect on top of the beer. Almost like a glass of Coca Cola that’s a shade too dark. The instant I lifted this beer up to my nose I was intrigued because I was greeted by a strong peach scent that was mixed in with subtle hints of cream, and stronger notes of citrus hops and roasted malt. The very light and smooth body was also surprising but more than welcome.

The peach flavor is the real big deal with this beer, and what matters most to me is that you understand this is a full and delicious peach flavor. It’s not overly sweet or medicinal, but more like biting into a fresh meaty peach or eating a nice delicate pie made with fresh fruit. The citrus hops serve to make this beer even brighter and more intense. The beer finds balance in hints of sweet chocolate that come through thanks to the roasted malt. While still sweet, it offers a slight bitterness that makes the beer more palatable than it otherwise might be. The peach flavor ends up rounding out the drink with a fresh finish.

Like I said, if you’re in town for the convention you definitely should grab a glass of this. If you live here, even though Comic Con has gone this beer is still around in a few bars so you should definitely give it a taste.


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